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The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bond-servants, the things which must soon take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond-servant John, (Rev 1:1)

Revelation (apokalupsis: to off the cover): It's an unveiling, or disclosure.
Of Jesus Christ: the genative case (iesou christou) probably mean's it's His disclosure, because it says God gave it to Him. It can also indicate the Revelation is from Jesus. I'm not sure if the case also indicates Jesus is the content of the Revelation, though He obviously is. Chapters 1-3 show Him as the glorified Lord of the church. Chapters 4 - 19 reveal Him as the Lamb who is worthy to judge the inhabitants of the earth. Chapters 20 - 22 unveil Him as the returning judge, and king.

Bondslaves: The recipients of the disclosure are Jesus' slaves. God wants them to know something. The purpose of Revelation is not to leave people puzzled, but to cause God's servants to understand what is going to happen. However, this knowledge is for those who obey Jesus, not necessarily those who only say "Lord, Lord". In Joh_2:1-9, it was the servants who filled the jars with water, who knew where the wine came from.

Soon. Luk_18:8 uses this word to show God will avenge the elect quickly, "though He bear long with them" (Luk_18:7). Thus, it isn't necessarily quickly relative to when the elect cry day and night, but to when the vengeance begins. Even so, Revelation shows that the judgments and return of Christ (Revelation 4 - 19), are the very next prophetic events to occur after the "things which are" (Revelation 2 - 3), which is evidently the church age. Relative to the conclusion of the church age, and to the time the judgments begin, the events will happen speedily.

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